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The transition to the era of sustainable energy


Fossil energy will become rare and expensive in the not very distant future. No politicians are warning Americans about this problem. Yet there is near unanimity among scientists that the problem is real. This is a world wide problem and America is not immune.

Ways to move people and goods that do not use fossil fuel need to be developed. New ways to grow food and heat homes will need to be developed.

Energy conservation is the key. Energy conservation will prolong the fossil energy that now exists. The new sustainable energy sources will not be as convenient or as abundant.  Therefore energy conservation will be necessary with the sustainable energy sources in any case. 

Human-kind faces some very difficult choices. Our beautiful planet cannot support 6 billion people without fossil fuel. At least not with an acceptable standard of living. Policies that seek to reduce the earth's population may seem draconian, but the alternative is far worse.

It is time to start devising a transition plan. A transition plan is presented here although it is ludicrously incomplete. The intent is to start thought and discussion.

Beyond Petroleum
Transition Plans

First Upload: 12 May 2004